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New leadership requires more relational skills such as emotional intelligence and effective team management.

Big data and consolidation has taken over the healthcare industry, driving rapid innovation in an industry already known for constant change. The disruption in how healthcare is provided is requiring leadership to be as dynamic and forward-looking as the industry itself.

In a constantly changing and growing healthcare environment, Aculyst provides the necessary guidance to help leaders to communicate effectively, mentor their staff and create a sustainable, productive environment for their teams. Our data strategy services assist Chief Executives in positioning data to facilitate business strategy by establishing the vision and roadmap, and define the principles of the operating model that will most efficiently support them.

cxo-consultingHigh-Impact Leadership Advisory Services

We take an integrated approach to leadership advisory to help you achieve objectives and execute the right strategy.  We work with our clients providing:

Leadership Development – helping your organization identify and develop leadership capability aligned to your culture and organization’s priorities, and defining the capability needed for critical roles.

Board of Advisory – providing search, assessment and comprehensive advice on structure, governance and reporting practices.

Organizational Development – helping you identify your priorities and define your talent needs in relation to structure, roles, styles, and other talent strategies including acquisition, retention and performance management – achieving alignment with your business strategies now, and in the future.

Our professional consultants act as strategic advisors to boards, CXOs and senior business leaders.

 We develop relationships based on Healthcare-Leadership-Consultingtrust and confidence, to support and guide your strategy development, and help you make effective leadership decisions for your organization. Providing expertise, knowledge and experience, we understand the global environment and the challenges leaders face today in managing organizational requirements and performance in complex, dynamic markets.

Aculyst works with your company’s leadership to analyze your business environment and your organization’s needs in order to determine areas requiring additional focus. We generate innovative solutions to workplace issues and utilize our problem-solving and networking abilities to provide appropriate resources to develop customized processes that address your organization’s specific requirements.

As part of our process, we start with a specific goal in mind. This goal becomes our way to measure success. We spend a great deal of time on-site to ensure we understand the business both technically and culturally, allowing us to craft solutions that will work and will be adopted by team members. The key difference is in the deployment stage as we develop very specific tactics for your team and then train them on these new tactics to ensure they understand, adopt, and execute the new plans. This also allows us to refine the tactics based on the results that are actually occurring.

cxo-offeringsOur customized offerings include:

  • Data Analytics vision, strategy and road-mapping deeply aligned to the business
  • Identify opportunities to maximize your data assets
  • Architecture and tools recommendation
  • New operating model development to manage and govern innovative IT
  • Application and infrastructure optimization for maximum agility
  • Center-of-excellence build-up and program governance

Whether seeking assistance with clinical, financial, or operational initiatives, we can help.

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Aculyst uses proven methods and extensive experience to help healthcare organizations improve every dimension of performance in a sustainable way – quality, safety, service, volume, revenue, cost, and patient flow.