Strategic Consulting Services

Aculyst offers its clients world-class consulting services to envision and deliver business transforming ROI from MDM initiatives, Data Warehousing, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions. We develop advanced analytics strategies, helping clients derive competitive advantage from their data assets and analytic capabilities to improve: operations, products, strategies and technologies.   Those who fail to innovate will fail to survive.

Enterprise Data Strategy


Data strategy is now more crucial than ever for doctors, specialists and hospitals to survive never ending pressures on costs, outcomes and care quality. Aculyst’s enterprise data strategy consultants help businesses transform data into breakthrough insights that deliver better results.

Data Science / Machine Learning


Make better treatment decisions and recommend more effective preventative care. Our data scientists incorporate machine learning data analytics, software engineering, predictive and business analytics expertise and technologies to retrieve and transform Big Data.

Big Data


We advise IT departments who are managing, migrating big data workloads into cost-effective, high-performance hybrid cloud storage solutions to better store, collect, analyze their data and unlock new business insights, increase revenue, enhance customer experiences, improve products, and maximize operational efficiencies.

Data Governance


A robust data governance program fosters reliability in clinical care and allows organizations to prepare for data analytics projects in an increasingly ever-changing environment.

Master Data Management


Make intelligent, timely and actionable decisions to stay ahead of the competition with your data management initiative by taking into account three factors within the enterprise: people, process, and technology. 

AI and Emerging Technologies


Our team stays on top of recent trends in AI and Emerging Technologies in order to help you compete and take your enterprise to the next level of techology and business. Leverage new technologies and improve ROI.

Aculyst provides solutions from technology and management consulting
to change management and process re-engineering

Our capabilities allow your company to reduce ineffective data allocation, which may result in missing data limiting your ability to develop new drugs, siloed data lingering across departments without structure, or limited data. We devise a consulting approach toward your leadership and assess your data strategy in order to allow your company to make sense of the data that you’ve collected across your organization.

Executive Strategy

We set out to understand and translate the potential business values of successful MDM projects to include key stakeholders as well as prioritize IT initiatives. When you come to us with your MDM initiative we focus on what you are trying to do, how you are doing it. We mentor and coach executives and take into account the concerns of the leadership and management of the company.

We seek to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency by replacing the need for certain legacy systems. Machine Learning or AI projects may open pathways of new revenue and business opportunities that may not have been previously feasible, or more aptly referred to as missed opportunity cost: lost revenue due to lack of available data points and insights.

We have, within our team, world renowned experts who have increased revenue for growing enterprises, educated IT and C-suite executives, and who have years of data analytics experience as well as an outlook on the way future technologies will shape business.

Change Management

Change is needed to compete in the technologically data driven world. Change may be risky and it takes a strategic plan as well as capable and motivated leadership to enable the transformation required at an organization. We help to create a plan for process and operational transformation and facilitate the training and restructuring.

With the breakthroughs in advanced analytics and big data, the healthcare industry can now begin to strategically evaluate data sets that have demographic, clinical and financial information to improve care quality, reduce costs, improve member health, as well as containing financial and clinical risk.

We’ll assist you in defining the impact, sizing, performance and security required for your specific project as well as whether your enterprise will deploy in-house, on the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. We have partnerships with several companies providing MDM platforms capable of high performance and scalability.

Process Re-engineering

Taking on an MDM initiative may require changes in core processes, mainly when it comes to the need for hardware needed to enable improvements. It’s important to consolidate both upstream and downstream systems. However, each link to the master data system will incur a degree of impact analysis and change in processes within the system and personnel involved.

Aculyst develops a strategy in collaboration with teams who may include executive leaders, department heads and IT stakeholders to act in the roles of data owners and data stewards. We may suggest plans to, for instance, change workflows to reformat methods post-merger/acquisition business proceedings, improve communication and collaboration between departments, and/or minify dispensable methods. We may also assist in implementing plans that balance top-down corporate precedence with bottom-up requests from clinical, operational, or business entities.