Whether it’s Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Payor or Provider/Institutional analytics, Aculyst Health provides turnkey solutions and expertise to pressing healthcare needs.  

Our data solutions provide cleansed, aggregated data for cost effective management using disparate data sources across your enterprise to give you a holistic view of your patient, physician, product or study. Dynamic user experience enables you to gain instant access to actionable insights.


Pharma Data Solutions

In the world of increasing cost pressures, expiring patents, decreasing margins and changing business models, pharmaceutical companies are beginning evolving their business strategies to deliver value-based services and drugs to their customers.

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We provide reliable, timely intelligence and insights to help you every step of the way during drug development.


Payer Data Solutions

Payers need to maximize reimbursements: value-based purchasing and pay-for-performance health plan programs. Transform your healthcare payer business and innovate for the future.

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Aculyst can help you extract value from data and improve patient outcomes.


Healthcare Data Solutions

We help healthcare organizations address complex technology challenges and leverage unique opportunities for innovation. Our specialized teams with strong healthcare domain and technology capabilities help drive costs down and accelerate transformation in healthcare.

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Aculyst offers a specialized combination of healthcare analytics, data management and technology platform implementation advisory services.

  • We take data from disparate systems, including data purchased from 3rd party providers, and provide cleansed and reliable data that can be used to run your business, lowering compliance issues.
  • We then analyze the data to answer complex questions to help you optimize your healthcare-specific questions. Machine learning and AI technologies are able to solve problems previously deemed impossible.
  • Insights and analytics, dashboards and real time analysis developed from reliable data  gives companies the power to proceed confidently with your business decisions.