Dial in your enterprise data strategy

Insight-driven organizations are leveraging the power of data to create new products and industries, disrupt existing industries, and revolutionizing the way we do business and conduct our lives.  But your data strategy needs to align with your business strategy.  Aculyst offers complimentary consultations on helping organizations to unlock their most valuable asset.

In today’s unprecedented environment of change and technology advances, the promise of data and analytic insights are high, but the reality is much more complex. When data is the basis for your internal operations, supply chains, risk controls, workflows, product development, customer relationships; the ability to obtain value from the data plays a crucial role in making decisions. Thus, it makes business sense to utilize a high degree of oversight with your data. But as data unleashes in quantity and complexity, both inside and outside of your enterprise, organizations find it increasingly difficult to unlock its true north potential. This entails protecting and managing its integrity. You cannot make data work for your organization unless you harvest its value. Some healthcare and enterprises have siloed data in separate data lakes, warehouses (cloud, on-premise or hybrid), legacy database systems or BI tools that may not “belong to” or even be accessible to every business unit or operational area.

Aculyst’s enterprise data strategy consultants take a comprehensive method for meeting the challenges of big data, to help businesses transform it into a lever of breakthrough insights that deliver better results.     

Is your data an asset or liability?

Just as nothing in life stands still or stays stagnant, your data strategy must evolve: change management can lead to new ways of thinking and doing business. With M&A deals, constant changes in technologies, heightened regulations, new disruptive competitors and constant changes in the business environment, means that a flexible, agile approach to data strategy is the only way to achieve success.  

Aculyst safeguards long-term business success for our clients by:

  • Performing an inventory assessment of your information assets and database systems, conducting a comprehensive audit of your data sources, current data management processes, analytics tools and software vendors.
  • Identify which systems are the primary source of which specific data, such as customer or patient data and which should be used to feed into other systems.
  • Map out an enterprise data strategy that caters to the data needs and goals of your organization.
  • Work with you to create the data architecture to best collect, cleanse, transform, and store your data in order to easily access and perform analysis and reporting; create a data management roadmap that achieves these strategic initiatives        

The healthcare industry is changing

The healthcare landscape is facing many changes and challenges such as; complicated regulatory reform, compliance issues, the digital economy changing the way people interact, demands for more cost transparency, rising costs, shrinking margins, and the shift towards the value based care model to improve outcomes. In order to adapt and succeed in this new value-based healthcare world, enterprises will need new data-driven capabilities that will only happen with a newly focused data strategy. New innovations will have to evolve cost controls, risk sharing, and care delivery procedures, that will be rooted in a backbone of data aided by insights, analysis, measuring, modeling, and decision support. Data strategy is now more crucial than ever for doctors, specialists and hospitals to survive never ending pressures on costs, outcomes and care quality.

Data quality matters more than ever. For AI or machine learning initiatives, the test data must be ‘clean.’ The assortment of data sources and standards for every organization has meant that there is no “one size fits all” solution that can store, analyze and integrate all of the data necessary on patients, physicians, providers, locations, employees and procedures.

An Enterprise Data Strategy Will Secure your Competitive Advantage.
To ensure success when it comes to business intelligence your organization’s data foundation needs to be strong. Aculyst offers an extensive business intelligence and data audit that examines your business use cases and recommend what actions are necessary to take to achieve your goals.

Aculyst will work with you to:

  • Standardize shared data across functional areas
  • Design a data governance program
  • Automate data management tasks
  • Address how to deal with duplicate and inconsistent data
  • Archive data logically
  • Ensure the security of your data
  • Find the data management tools that best suit your needs, including both traditional and big data tool sets
  • Focus on the right methodology that fits your business

Get Started with a Data Maturity Assessment For Your Organization

Not sure what phase your hospital or healthcare organization is at with its transformation to using data and digital technologies to lower costs, engage consumers and drive better patient outcomes?

Data Roadmap Strategy  
After we’ve taken a look at your existing systems and developed a strategy that encompasses your data needs and goals, we then create a roadmap to ensure all of the steps are taken into account so that success is imminent.    

Ultimately your data strategy guides critical data capabilities

  • Enterprise Data Governance – to deliver data that is accessible, traceable, trustworthy, and meaningful.  
  • Master Data Management – the foundation of data-driven organizations  
  • Data Engineering – if you want advanced data analytics, you need data engineering

Our proven Iterative approach creates a focus on business intelligence value prioritization and quickly and continuously delivers value to the organization.