The Role of Big Data Analytics and AI in the Future of Healthcare

The media buzz that surrounds Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has never been higher, so much so that it can overshadow the real applications and actual outcomes companies are working on. But larger than life promises or hype might have an eclipsing affect around the actual, realistic benefits it provides to almost any organization, in a wide variety of industries, that are generating a large volume of data.

The use case benefits are real and it’s time for your company to start harnessing them. But before your organization can receive the value from AL and ML, it must get a thorough understanding of the role it can play at your business, the problems it can solve, and how it can align to your company’s objectives or intended outcome. The problem is that this is where a lot of AI and ML proof of concept (POC) initiatives have stalled and not made a lot of headways. To overcome this, companies need a place to start from.  Smaller companies can take a cue card from tech giants such as Google which has started to make bets in solving large scale healthcare issues.

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