Master your Company Data so it’s Ready for Action

Growing enterprises are aware that getting accurate actionable data demands strict internal governance to safeguard information that is received, marketed, distributed especially when business or healthcare decisions rest upon the reliability of the data. Data management and usage benefits from the quality controls imposed by data governance. Data governance isn’t solved in one corner of the organization. It’s a collaboration between IT and business. This is why it is imperative that data governance be agile, collaborative and efficient.

Aculyst and Informatica Alliance

Together Aculyst and Informatica can help you take control of your biggest data needs from integration, quality, and management, to data governance and security. We’ll deliver smart data that gleans powerful insights and unlocks potential you never knew existed.


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Manage & Govern Data Holistically

To improve data quality, efficient data measurement, managing risk, and comply with government regulations, Aculyst executives seek to assess the appropriate strategy to enhance how clients administer and control data. We evaluate all components that contribute to the accuracy and efficiency within the organization in order to improve data processes, consistency, integrity and thoroughness. Without a quality data governance approach, patient safety is at risk because of duplicate or inaccurate patient records. Missing or incorrect data about allergies, current medications, past procedures, and health conditions can significantly alter the course of treatment and may diminish the quality of care. A robust data governance program fosters reliability in clinical care and allows organizations to prepare for data analytics projects in an increasingly ever-changing environment.

Improved data governance, coupled with the growing importance of clinical quality measures for reporting and benchmarking, will be key for driving organizational improvement. Leaders who commit to making governance a top priority throughout every department are more likely to see improvements in data quality as well as the competence to support their health information management staff during the process.

We will support your leadership to:

  • turn data into meaningful information, particularly for consumers and providers
  • create measures that are accurate and consistent
  • address accountability, authority, roles, stewardship,
  • align management of change, resolution of issues, and enforcement

Aculyst develops a strategy in collaboration with teams who may include executive leaders, department heads and IT stakeholders to act in the roles of data owners and data stewards. We may suggest plans to, for instance, change workflows to reformat methods post-merger/acquisition business proceedings, improve communication and collaboration between departments, and/or minify dispensable methods. We may also assist in implementing plans that balance top-down corporate precedence with bottom-up requests from clinical, operational, or business entities.

Aculyst assists clients to generate processes that ensure compliance with federal and state regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel I, Basel II, and HIPAA for healthcare enterprises, and GLBA, EFTA,  and FACTA regulations for financial institutions. We ensure that standardized processes produced out of our strategic collaboration will assist in identifying disparities and stay abreast of updated regulations.

Get Started with a Data Governance Gap Analysis For Your Organization

We will identify pain points in the data creation, storage, analysis, and reporting process

We work with providers by starting with an information governance gap analysis to address areas of concern that may impact patient safety, privacy, and compliance issues.