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Combing Your Silos for Value

CMS released the adjustment factors for FY 2014 based on performance scores related to Value Based Purchasing (VBP) last November. Please see the link below to that article. What it is continually informing us of is that data is necessary to participate and to not only be on target for your own financial goals and value delivery in your community but also for CMS’ VBP criteria. It is suggested that the lower scores this year are due to the implementation of new mortality scores for Pneumonia, AMI and Heart Failure. Next year FY2015 will require performance scores on cost effectiveness for Medicare beneficiaries. Paying into this Medicare pool of bonus money and the desire to improve should drive the interests of hospitals in the stewardship of data that ultimately relates to quality.

The value lies within the care processes, patient experiences and outcomes but that data does not easily fall into the hands of end users who need it-the ones you trust in-order to be on target to meet VBP goals. But not only VBP, how about your enterprise and community goals for growing case contribution margins and ensuring the productivity and performance of your most profitable DRGs, service lines and physicians? If value and cost effectiveness as well as quality are to be delivered and realized beyond the simple yet sincere definitions by CMS, then such reflections of value as ED through-put, utilization, discharge management and cost effectiveness of all services and encounters needs to be analyzed by end users who are empowered to drill into data and make a difference on decisions that matter..

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