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Which side is up? Cubes and Risk Based Contracts

Today’s healthcare delivery system is fascinated with ‘potential’. There is so much possibility. Isn’t there? Or are we getting a little ahead of ourselves in terms of the reality of the level of entrenchment in which hospital IT is mired? After all what is possible is totally dependent on data. Many key managers can’t or… Continue Reading

Debating the Data Driven Value Proposition

Debating the Data Driven Value Proposition Value based purchasing (VBP) is here . Just ask CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). But will you benefit? Close to 1,500 hospitals were penalized on their Medicare reimbursements last fiscal year. Conversely, approximately 1,200 plus hospitals received bonus checks on Medicare revenue. Since the current cap at… Continue Reading

Healthcare Analytics are Not Standard…..Yet

Every hospital in the country is maximizing their use of advanced healthcare analytics to improve operational and financial efficiency. Wouldn’t it be nice if that statement were completely true? In some aspects, most hospitals use a form of analytics, but many do not use it to the fullest capabilities. In this economy, hospitals are facing… Continue Reading