Hackensack University Medical Center

Customer Challenge: Hackensack UMC had a decentralized analytics function.

Hackensack University Medical Center was experiencing trouble with a decentralized data analytics function. A number of uncoordinatedHUMC staff were providing a multitude of data reports from different departments. HUMC is the largest provider of inpatient andoutpatient services in New Jersey as a growing nonprofit, teaching and research hospital. The hospital is now Bergen County’s hub ofhealthcare for the Northern New Jersey and New York metropolitan areas and recently added 763 additional beds.


HUMC chose to implement ACULYST software to address their issue. Compared to competitors, ACULYST was a more compelling solution as it was easier to implement and offered unique performance metrics.

To create a more centralized data analytics function, HUMC implemented ACULYST software to organize healthcare data into
a pre-built data model and provide user-friendly dashboards that offer streamlined access to key performance indicators.


After implementing ACULYST , HUMC’s various departments were able to use their respective data to carry out process improvements. In addition, streamlined access to hospital data via the ACULYST mobile app reduces paper and e-mail usage. C-suite management users have experienced an improvement in their workload as a result.
Pinkrose Hamilton, Director of Business Intelligence at HUMC, would recommend ACULYST to other organizations based on its ability to quickly provide management with KPIs in the form of easy to interpret dashboards.


ACULYST delivers organization level solutions that create daily awareness of trends and variances that are not visible today. By linking operations, finance, quality and staffing, executives and managers can intervene with confidence on cost overruns, avoid bottlenecks and increase patient satisfaction and safety with improved information.