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Business Intelligence is a Utility

At the end of the day, business intelligence serves as a utility that delivers data from your disparate silos of data repositories. These are piggy banks of value and quality, that, when mixed with other data and disseminated to end users in dashboards, paint the true picture of performance, profitability and quality. When providers see data in visualizations, where outliers and variations are easily recognized, the effect is a speeding up of conclusions and follow-up questions. When data is transferred to knowledge so intuitively and quickly, problems are solved. Variable cost over-runs related to labor and supply, for example, as well as length of stay, re-admissions and operating room performance, can be better understood in terms of efficiency, profitability and the core drivers of value. So get ready to comb your silos for value and quality. Remember: data is money. You may be surprised by what you find in the seat cushions.

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