Big Data, AI, and the Power of Cross-Company Consolidation, with Nick Minale

Asha Saxena discusses the importance of healthcare leader cohesion with Chief Data Officer at John Hopkins Healthcare, Nick Minale.

In this episode, we explore the emergence of coordinated, mutually aligned partnerships created to maintain constant healthcare for the entire population. From the care continuum of care data to the role of facility standardization, the episode will pinpoint the uses—and risks—of our ever-growing information world.

Data, today, drives everything. Let us equip you with the modern knowledge you need to understand the healthcare world’s newest opportunities—as everything from AI to data governance suites are changing the way providers conduct business. Continue reading

Companies Can Learn from Big Data, with Dr. Anthony Scriffignano

Asha Saxena explores big data and how companies can use it to their benefit with Dun & Bradstreet’s Senior Vice President and Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Anthony Scriffignano.

In this episode, we uncover the fears that so many people and companies share with regard to big data. In our culture, we value privacy, and people feel as though with big data, nothing is sacred anymore, nothing is private anymore. Dr. Anthony Scriffignano explores this notion and provides insight into how big data is not scary but useful if curated to be used strategically.

Big data is here to stay. Businesses are using it, and if you don’t start using it in a meaningful way, you could be left behind.

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Data Disruption in Healthcare

Asha Saxena examines transitions in how the healthcare industry manages and uses data during her conversation with Richard Cramer, the chief healthcare strategist at Informatica. Richard offers his perspective on changes in how healthcare providers gather and analyze data, as well as trends we should expect in the future.

This data disruption in healthcare will continue in dramatic fashion, allowing us to improve delivery of services at lower costs.

Join us as we discuss how this disruption will occur and what type of players will lead the disruption. Continue reading

The Role of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials for Cancer

Asha Saxena speaks with Ari Caroline and Issac Wagner about their progress with artificial intelligence and big data in clinical trials at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

In this episode, the role of big data and artificial intelligence and its impact on cancer patients who participate in clinical trials is discussed candidly and pragmatically. Big data and artificial intelligence are changing the way we think about healthcare and altering the way it is applied to patients. With big data and artificial intelligence, healthcare will never be the same again. These things are transforming healthcare into a more meaningful and custom approach to personal care.

Though this discussion is specific to oncology clinical trials, it nonetheless provides an overview of innovative ways healthcare is changing to improve and accommodate patients’ health issues and experiences in the healthcare system. In this podcast, you will hear all you need to know about advancements and limitations of big data and artificial intelligence and their impact on healthcare.  Continue reading

Data Ethics: The Grey World Of Your Healthcare Data & Privacy

Asha Saxena takes a deep look at what data privacy and ethics means in the world of healthcare with Darrell Walter of Penn State Health.

Data privacy and ethics in healthcare is a big deal, because it affects all of us on at least some level. From health insurance premiums, healthcare access, employment, and even on a personal level of not wanting all our personal health information being made available to anyone who wants it.

So why is this worth a discussion? We have data protection laws, right? Well, this is where we step into a gray world. Big data in healthcare raises ethical issues because the data is used without a patient’s consent.

Medical records are governed by rules to protect privacy so most health data can be stripped of identifying information like your age or your lifestyle habits. However, it could cross into an ethical gray area if patient privacy is compromised. Continue reading

What Is Telemedicine?

Asha Saxena explores telemedicine and the future of healthcare with NewYork-Presbyterian CIO, Daniel Barchi.

In this episode we explore what telemedicine is, how big data is impacting healthcare and how virtualization of healthcare is transforming the industry from the ground up. Everything from access to physicians, reduced costs and improved health outcomes.

Healthcare is changing at an astounding rate and what you know today will be out of date before you know it. Let us provide you with a framework for understanding telemedicine and its impact on healthcare and patients alike. Continue reading

Dive With Data: Season One Recap, with Asha Saxena

In this first season finale of Dive With Data, Asha Saxena discusses the exciting new technologies and possibilities powering data analytics. Asha recaps what we’ve learned through season one of the podcast and shares her thoughts on how data is being used by corporate and industry leaders to drive a modern business revolution.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Dive With Data is an important platform for Asha to explore the power and potential of data
  • How today’s top businesses are using data as the fuel to drive their explosive growth
  • Why artificial intelligence, deep learning, and blockchain technologies are creating exciting new potential for the future
  • How blockchain is benefiting businesses, consumers, and governments by securing data
  • What questions you should be asking about the data your business has access to
  • Why your organization’s leadership needs to be committed to the appropriate utilization of data

How to contact Asha Saxena: