Practical Applications of Game Theory in Business, with Boris Kerzhner

Asha Saxena speaks with Boris Kerzhner, the Chief Data Scientist at BookXchange, a business specializing in purchasing and sales of textbooks to students and wholesalers worldwide. Boris was tapped to run the retail arm of the business, and he uses game theory and data to help make buying and selling decisions to dramatically increase the profitability of BookXchange.

Game theory deals with the understanding of strategic situations. Its purpose is to find an optimal solution to a given situation. Game theory can be used for investing, customer engagement, product placement, and many other varied business applications across many industries.

Big data analytics is one of the core technologies used by businesses in today’s ever-evolving marketplace for decision making and game theory application. Learn more on today’s episode. Continue reading

Looking at Data From a Different Perspective, with Diwakar Goel

Asha Saxena speaks with Diwakar Goel, Chief Data Officer for GE Digital. Diwakar has been with GE for thirteen years, through eight different positions within the organization. Through all his varied roles at GE, he has experienced firsthand the power of data management in transforming his business to meet the challenges of the modern, information-driven technological era.

In this episode, Diwakar Goel discusses navigating and leveraging the immense amounts of data available to companies today and understanding how the data sets interact and overlap to drive profitability and solve problems.

Data management is one of the most integral skills businesses must learn to navigate the new challenges and opportunities promised by the technological advances of the new millennium. Learn more on today’s podcast. Continue reading

How Data Analytics Can Be Used in the Healthcare Industry to Improve Patient Care, with Vijay Venkatesan

Asha Saxena discusses the importance of data in the rapidly changing healthcare industry with guest Vijay Venkatesan, Chief Analytics Officer of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

In this episode, Vijay Venkatesan discusses how consumer expectation of healthcare is shifting, why the relationship between providers, patients and payers needs to evolve, and how advances in technology have the potential to reshape healthcare to the benefit of everyone involved.

New technologies in computer science and data analytics can be powerful tools, but only if they are used to answer the right questions. Continue reading

Business Transformation Using Data as an Asset, with Sandeep Katarnavre

Asha Saxena explores the power of business transformation with Sandeep Katarnavre, CIO and VP of IT of Saint-Gobain, world leader in the habitat and construction markets, design, manufacture and distribution of building and high-performance materials.

In this episode, Sandeep Katarnavre discusses business transformation and how thinking big can help businesses unlock the value of transformation, find hidden opportunities, and generate new value.

Data is at the heart of business transformation, informing efforts to optimize customer engagement, achieve efficiencies and cost savings, and scale digital offerings. Learn more on today’s podcast. Continue reading

The Roles of CDOs and How Anyone Can Make Waves in the World of Modern Technology, with David Mathison

Asha Saxena explores the vital role chief data officers play in businesses with CEO and founder of CDO Club and CDO Summit, the world’s first, largest, and most powerful community of C suite and digital leaders, David Mathison.

In this episode, David Mathison discusses the roles of chief data officers, what it takes to earn top marks as a CDO, and how ordinary people can affect huge technological advances through open-source technology and massive data sharing.

With great strides happening every day in the world of technology, there are abundant opportunities for people from all backgrounds to contribute. Learn more on today’s podcast. Continue reading

MoneyBall Medicine: What it Means and How it’s Changing Healthcare as We Know It, with Harry Glorikian

Asha Saxena explores trends and VC investments in healthcare with Harry Glorikian, who wears many hats including investor, entrepreneur, board member of many healthcare ventures, and author of MoneyBall Medicine: Thriving in the New Data-Driven Healthcare Market.

In this episode you will learn about the many ways data is driving healthcare technology and the money that funds it as well as how data impacts how medicine is practiced today.

Technology has certainly changed medicine, but data is changing the way medicine is being practiced by large and small healthcare providers throughout the country. This episode explores those changes.

Continue reading

The Critical Roles of Cognitive Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Diversity in Business Today, with Tracy Ring Cryder

Asha Saxena explores cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence with Deloitte Consulting cognitive analytics and RP alliance portfolio leader, Tracy Ring Cryder.

In this episode we explore how businesses are taking a second look at cognitive technologies thanks to wide advancements in these technologies in recent years and the type of impact we can expect from more businesses adopting these technologies.

Technology is evolving all the time and the better industry leaders, in all business sectors, understand the technology available to them, the wiser decisions they can make about investing in these technologies. Continue reading

Using Big Data To Drive Entrepreneurship Goals, with Manoj Madhusudanan

Asha Saxena explores using AI and machine learning to help new business owners achieve their goals with Manoj Madhusudanan, founder of the AI driven B2B sales targeting platform Ziligence.

In this episode, we go into the different ways data helps drive the results companies are looking for. Many entrepreneurs have little knowledge of different data tools on the market to use in shaping different aspects of their company.

AI and machine learning developments progress at a rapid pace. We go over the different ways new businesses could benefit by adapting at least some of their core processes to work with this technology.  Continue reading

The Future of Cyber Security, with Ray Rothrock

Asha Saxena explores cyber security and the future of Big Data with venture capitalist Ray Rothrock.

In this episode, we’ll talk about how Big Data is impacting cyber security and how businesses can overcome the common challenges associated with Big Data, from keeping sensitive information to finding the right talent to process and analyze the data. Without a doubt, Big Data is here to stay, which is why all businesses should focus on learning how to effectively use it. Continue reading

Using Data to Drive Business Strategy, with Doug Schmidt

Asha Saxena discusses the important topic of building business value using data as a core element with Doug Schmidt, a Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and an entrepreneur.

In this episode, we ask a very important question: can we lead with innovation using data strategy to drive business strategy?

Company leaders put a lot of emphasis on business strategy and not enough on data strategy. Even when leaders track key metrics, they often measure the wrong ones when they lag data strategy behind their decisions.

How can we use data to drive the culture of our businesses? Listen in to find out how.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Using business strategy to show you where to start and which route you should take to the destination
  • How mistakes often occur because businesses are operating within a culture that is not driven by data
  • How successful people in the business world tend to focus more on the results rather than the process and methodology and how focusing too much on the results can hinder one’s ability to deliver on the expectations they set for themselves
  • The stigma that technology and those who work in this industry have of not being collaborative and not understanding how a business truly works
  • Why technology is playing a greater and greater role in businesses with each passing year
  • How technology has essentially depreciated, and in some cases, eradicated the world’s oldest businesses
  • The ways technology has changed how we consume media and how companies are targeting audiences for advertising

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