About Us

Historically, data was a limiting factor. Now the ability to properly manage an abundance of data is the looming challenge. The last decade has been marked by an overwhelming number of new additions to your application servers creating a problem which is two-fold: increased unstructured and non-normalized data volume into silo-ed systems that don’t relate to each other. Materials management, CPOE, practice management, EMR, Quality documentation hosts of operational workflow systems and inventory systems including Excel spreadsheets all contain information about your hospital. So how can you leverage it all?

Welcome to the big data world of healthcare.

Having insight into this world is what Aculyst catalyst will help you achieve. Understanding your core profitability drivers, quality metrics, clinical outcomes and operational bottlenecks and efficiencies requires linking these various disparate systems and spreadsheets to a data model which will aid in strategic decision support and provide cutting edge healthcare analytics.

Aculyst was developed by healthcare leaders who recognized the value of the data model constructed over ten years and several iterations. The process of distilling the complexity of healthcare data into a pre-built data model that will serve all business and clinical units aims to crystalize KPI’s in user friendly dashboards. Integration of the data and the delivery of analytics is designed to serve business decision makers, in both service lines and nursing units as well as finance executives. Aculyst delivers enterprise level solutions that create daily awareness of trends and variances you can’t see today. By linking operations, finance, quality and staffing, executives and managers can now intervene with confidence on cost over runs, avoid bottlenecks and increase patient satisfaction and safety with increased through put.

Having worked with the conventional business intelligence platforms and realizing the limitations of source-system analytics, Aculyst brings a Pre-Built data model with best-of-breed agility, transparency and adaptability to its users. Now, you can deliver the absent critical insight across your healthcare organization in a matter of weeks, not months or years. Working with experts who understand healthcare and have the experience to create a lasting business solution, Aculyst will immediately improve your organization’s ability to be strategic and analytical with your data.