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Aculyst offers your healthcare enterprise world renowned
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Expert Leadership in Data Analytics for Healthcare and Executive Coaching.

Our team is composed of Data Scientists, entrepreneurs, board members with both data science and business backgrounds to give CIOs and their teams the most strategic advantage and platforms to extract the most ROI from data initiatives.

We help you choose the right data initiative, train your leaders and staff, and help you identify the value in the complex world of healthcare and pharma analytics.

Let us guide your organization's data analytics initiative.


Have you started your data analytics initiative? Are you skimming through your analytics to find the value of your data? We can help with starting or with assessing value.

CIO Consulting gives you the tools to lead your organization effectively.


We help leaders run their departments better by helping you identify a data analytics roadmap, opportunities for maximization and optimization of data assets.

Our assessment helps you define the value of your data.


We help you to manage, deploy, value and treat data as an enterprise asset. Make better decisions around data monetization initiatives.

An Aculyst Client Success Story in Healthcare Analytics

frederick-hospital client success case study


How Frederick Memorial Hospital Inc Improved Performance Metrics Through Data Visualization and Analytics

The IT team of Frederick Hospital Memorial Inc was looking for a business intelligence solution that would help build data models for analyzing kPIs into user-friendly dashboards to help clinicians, doctors, nurses, and data analysts make action data-driven decisions to improve the quality of care reduce costs and deliver superior patient outcomes.

The 117-year old regional healthcare facility collaborated with Aculyst to help them bring all of their data into one data warehouse system to analyze and draw better conclusions and effectively highlight data disparities simply through data visualization tools.